Patchwork of Soul

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We all know the countryside is a patchwork of colour at this time of year but a barn near Duranillin has a particularly bright story.

For 15 years Heather Jefferies has been hosting patchwork retreats for creative souls from the north and south of WA but here in this barn Heather also makes quilts for orphaned children in Latvia.

14 years ago Heather’s son travelled through Latvia and came home with stories of poverty. Heather lay in her bed picturing quilts on the beds of orphaned children and decided to send handmade quilts to these children in Latvia. Last year she sent over 100 quilts made by different women around the WA. This year she is sending 67 quilts (60 of which she bound together herself).

From Duranillin to Latvia, with love.

Duralyn Patchworks Barn Retreat ‘The haven for Patchwork-e-holics’. Visits by appointment: 98629056




64 Towerrinning Road

Moodiarrup, Western Australia 6393



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