Q: How many boats are allowed per bay?

A: One boat permitted bay. You are welcome to bring a second but only one is allowed in the water at one time.

Q: Are dogs permitted?

A: Yes but they must be on a lead at all times. There are large exercise areas around the lake. This is a working farm. Please be mindful of livestock.

Q: Why are there different rates for campers and water-skiers?

A: This is due to the amount of amenity usage, waste produced and for the uniqueness of camping right beside your ski boat and the convenience of being able to leave it in the water overnight.

Q: If I am in a skiing bay but not skiing can I pay camping rates?

A: If you are part of a group that has a ski boat you need to pay skiing rates as it too difficult to account for each individual and their daily activities.

Q: Can we camp in the designated camping areas and ski at the public area

A: No we are only permitted to have 15 ski boats in the water at one time

Q: How big are the bays

A: 30m x 25m. (Bay 1 is slightly smaller 20m x 20m)

Q: How many caravans can fit on a site

A: Four caravans can comfortably fit on a site

Q: Can we have an early check-in or a late checkout

A: This can be organized on booking if the site is available. There is no extra charge

Q: Can I bring my own wood

A: Yes but please do not cut firewood from roadsides or private property, it is a fineable offence.

Q: Are fires permitted

A: Fires are permitted all year in the fire pits provided except 1) On Easter friday and sunday 2) On advice from DEFS and local fire ban days  3) At the discretion of park management.

Q: Can I use my own generator?

A: Power is provided on almost all sites but generators are permitted on the unpowered sites till 10 pm.

Q: Can I fly a drone?

A: Yes but you must adhere to all CASA rules. Please sign a Lakeside Camping safely information form on arrival.

Q: What are the camping only sites

A: Bay 13a, Bayview and Parkland

Q: What is the water usage and situation.

A: Non-potable water is available on each site, potable water is available at the rear of the camp kitchen. When using showers and toilets please be mindful of water usage as this is a limited resource. ( no scheme water )


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