Harvey Dickson

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Harvey Dickson sits in his record room, a musical den like nothing I’ve seen before. Wearing his trademark black hat he looks around at the two thousand LP’s that cover his walls. Elvis, Johnny Cash, Slim Dusty and other country music legends eye each other from across the room and even from the ceiling. Harvey says this is where the Black Hat Boys from Boyup Brook met and where it all began.

Harvey Dickson’s Country Music Centre has 135 years of history hanging from it’s shed roof. Almost all the memorabilia you see was collected off the Dickson family’s Boyup Brook property brought by his grandfather in 1885. History, stories and humour in every nook and cranny. Harvey’s love of country music started with a wind up gramophone listening to Wilf Carter and Slim Dusty while he waited for the school bus.

Creating this unique venue has been Harvey’s passion since he was 20 years old. His ideas have evolved and snowballed and you certainly can’t drive past The Harvey Dickson Music Centre without saying ‘what the heck!’ and pulling in for a closer look and maybe a story or two.

Information about Harvey Dickson’s music shows and annual rodeo  http://www.harveydickson.com.au/


64 Towerrinning Road

Moodiarrup, Western Australia 6393



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