5 Reasons to camp in winter

There is nothing like conversations around a crackling campfire day and night. Cooking, warming your hands or just watching the flames. ⁣Winter campfires provide warmth that brings a camping group physically closer together and that’s pretty special.


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Winter is the best time for star gazing and rural Western Australia have some of the darkest skies in the world. ⁣Stand under the Milky Way in all its glory and tell us its not worth braving the cold for…You don’t have to be up late, the galactic centre is visible from 6.45pm.⁣


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It can get so misty that you will not know where the horizon ends and the sky begins. Add some ducks and swans to that horizon and it will appear like they are floating. You need to see it to believe it!

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Still and quiet. Calm and clear. The sky reflects in the water and the ripples of the sand are visible. In winter it can be a place of stillness and reflection and a fun spot for family camping of course. As the waterways around Lake Towerrinning fill, the birdlife increases. Lake Towerrinning has 171 species of birds which is popular for bird watching and photography.

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Lakeside Camping is surrounded by farmland so in winter that means lots of cuteness running around



64 Towerrinning Road

Moodiarrup, Western Australia 6393



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