Historic Bush School

“There is nothing unusual about a town without a school – but there is something remarkable about a school without a town”  Glenorchy Primary School Principle Jim Watterson

Nestled in the Moodiarrup farmland is a historical little bush school which will have it’s 100-year reunion this Sunday. Glenorchy School opened in 1937 with 8 students. Sadly it closed in 1996. At its peak, Glenorchy had 69 students from year 1 to year 7 in just two rooms.

Nina Park, who still lives next door to the Glenorchy School site has fond memories of her time there working as a gardener. She particularly loved preparing the ‘football oval’ for school sports. First, she would run the sheep out of the paddock and then she would mow the lanes for the kids to have running races.

All the students and teachers that went to Glenorchy have very special memories of this bush school. They say that if they run into anyone associated with Glenorchy it’s like meeting up with family.


64 Towerrinning Road

Moodiarrup, Western Australia 6393



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